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Linear Math Java Library

Java library that implements linear algebra operations: matrix operations (addition, substraction, multiplication, transposing, determinant of matrix , inversion, rank of matrix); linear equations system solving. implements full range of matrix operationslinear equations system solverbased on fast algorithms (Gauss method): operation of determinant, matrix rank calculation ...

Freeware  603k 841

MoodleRest Java Library

Java library for access to Moodle's web services via the REST protocol(30/03/2012 A newer version (V0.1.5) to work with Moodle 2.2 has been uploaded. Although still requires more documentation (better than it was) etc... Calls to create and update users now provides facilities to add ...

Freeware  181k 462

Poetica Studios Java Library

A general Java library used by all Poetica Studios Java software products. The library includes utilities ranging in use from serialization to arrays to debugging and includes many helpful classes such as object pointers and stored actions.

Freeware  608k 514

30 Boxes API Java Library

Java library implementation of the 30 Boxes ( API.

Freeware  488k 344

AC13 Java Library

Simple Open source Java library to control the AC13 Rover robot by the Brookstone A® Company.

Freeware  1,415k 595

WDDX Java Library

Java library for serializing/deserializing WDDX data (

Freeware  76k 497

Fixed Format Output Java Library

FFO is a simple and small java library to aid in writting fixed format messages. Normally these messages can be handled with prinf in C, but in java this appears as of java 5. Here comes this lib.

Freeware  24k 464

JPList - Java library for ASCII PLists

The JPList project provides a Java library for parsing and building ASCII PList streams to and from Java objects, similar to what JDOM does for XML. PLists provide a more compact and equally rich alternative to XML as a data serialization mechanism.

Freeware  42k 544

Onemind common java library

onemind-commons contains several java libraries: common-java: java datastructure/util library; relational-bean: an extension to java bean library for relational object model representation; invocation: an optimzable reflection wrapper framework

Freeware  7k 696

X9.37 Java Library

A customizable Java based library for reading, writing, viewing, and balancing X9.37 - 2003 files. Often known as Image Cash Letter (ICL) files or without images as Electronic Cash Letter (ECL) files, this library can read and write either type. Easily read and write ICL ...

Freeware  721k 714

Card Me - VCard Java Library

An implementation of RFC 2426 - VCard. This groupware library will provide java applications with a way to read and write VCards from and to the VCard file format. Project goals are to provide a flexible and easy to use library with excellent docs Import ...

Freeware  214k 473

Asterisk-Java Library

The Asterisk-Java package consists of a set of Java classes that allow you to easily build Java applications that interact with an Asterisk PBX Server. It supports the FastAGI protocol and the Manager API.

Freeware  306k 487
PDFOne Java

PDFOne Java

Gnostice PDFOne Java is a 100% Java library for developers to implement PDF based software solutions. PDFOne Java provides a rich set of APIs to create, manipulate and organize PDF documents, process PDF forms and perform other PDF document related tasks from within your Java ...

Commercial  1,023k 31323 Gnostice Information Technologies Private Limited
Aspose.Pdf for SharePoint

Aspose.Pdf for SharePoint

Aspose.Pdf for SharePoint is a flexible solution that allows developer to export lists, individual list item and SharePoint wiki pages to Pdf file format from SharePoint document library. Aspose.Pdf helps developers convert files to PDF from within their applications, without having Adobe Acrobat installed. Users ...

Shareware  10,035k 867 Aspose Pty Ltd
License4J License Manager

License4J License Manager

License4J is a Java library for java software licensing. It is designed to be easy to use and integrate in your Java application. Unlike other licensing libraries it has many licensing features defined and performs validation on required features. License4J supports floating licenses. It can ...

Shareware  30,964k 1295 LICENSE4J
jPDFPrint Java PDF Print Library

jPDFPrint Java PDF Print Library

Print Acrobat PDF documents directly from your Java programs with or without user intervention. jPDFPrint is a Java library that can load and print PDF documents. jPDFPrint is built on top of Qoppa Software's proprietary PDF technology so there is no need for any third ...

Shareware  25,420k 1128 Qoppa Software
jPDFImages Java PDF Images Library

jPDFImages Java PDF Images Library

jPDFImages is a Java library to export images from PDF files and to import images into PDF files. jPDFImages can create images from pages in a PDF document and export them as JPEG, TIFF or PNG images. Additionally, it can return the image of any ...

Shareware  25,753k 1015 Qoppa Software
jPDFViewer Java PDF Viewer Bean

jPDFViewer Java PDF Viewer Bean

Integrate a PDF viewer right in your Java application or website. jPDFViewer does not require any client installation or third party programs, it is a self contained Java component that can be deployed in a Java application, a web page as an applet, or a ...

Shareware  25,910k 1519 Qoppa Software

Aspose.PDF.Kit for Java

Aspose.PDF.Kit for Java is a Java Pdf document manipulating component which allows developers to Edit the existing pdf documents, such as appending and inserting pages, concatenating two pdf documents, splitting one file into two sub-files; Show and change the meta information of a pdf file, ...

Shareware  6,959k 2912 Aspose Pty Ltd
Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java

Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java

Aspose.Pdf.Kit is a Java component for Pdf document manipulation of both windows & web based Java applications that allow developers to edit existing Pdf documents. Main features include; Filling XFA fields in Pdf, creating Pdf document link, font style, modifying AcroForm, extracting and adding Images ...

Shareware  3,840k 9 Aspose Pty Ltd
Quick PDF Library (prev. iSEDQuickPDF)

Quick PDF Library (prev. iSEDQuickPDF)

Quick PDF Library(c) is a powerful royalty-free PDF developer SDK - including a 500+ function API for use with ASP, ActiveX, VB, VB Script, C++, C#, Delphi and more... It provides a comprehensive set of functions that allow you to create, split, merge, encrypt, modify, manipulate ...

Demo  6,290k 1738 Debenu Pty Ltd
Java Barcode Font Encoder Class Library

Java Barcode Font Encoder Class Library

The IDAutomation Java Barcode Font Encoder Class Library is a Font Encoder that is used to format strings for IDAutomation Barcode Fonts in a java application with a minimum of JDK 1.4. This product supports all linear barcode fonts as well as GS1 DataBar and ...

Freeware  36k 899 IDAutomation com Inc
2D/3D Vertical Bar Graph API Library (Java Bean)

2D/3D Vertical Bar Graph API Library (Java Bean)

The Vertical Bar Graph API is a Java Bean Component. Designed specifically to enable programmers to easily add powerful graphing functionality to any form of Java application Download the Free Trial today for access to:- - Documentation - Code samples - Demo Applications - IDE ...

Shareware  519k 4185 Sirius Computer Consultants Limited

MiJAL (Minor Java Algebra Library)

The Minor Java Algebra Library aims to become an open, standard Java library for common problems in the domain of algebra and selected optimisation problems such as TSP and others. MiJAL is aimed to be used in educational envirements but not limited to.

Freeware  63k 921

OpenXML4J - Open XML library for Java

OpenXML4j is a Java library supporting Open Package Convention for Office Open XML File Format documents. Microsoft Office 2007 documents using ECMA 376 specs are actually supported, Microsoft Office 2010 support is coming.

Freeware  130k 748

Jaim - Java AIM Protocol library

JAIM implements the AOL IM TOC protocol in an easy to use Java library. The primary goal of JAIM was to simplify writing AOL bots in Java but it could also be used to create Java based AOL clients.

Freeware  169k 400

JTape - Java Tape Library

JTape provides a Java Library for tape device access that is usable from most operating system platforms. The library is easily extensible allowing additional platforms to be added.

Freeware  5k 537

JabberWookie Jabber Library for Java

Yet another Jabber library, written in Java (to the 1.1 spec). The goal of which is to be as simple to use and understand as possible. (Depends on the SSTTR Java Library).

Freeware  46k 619

Java MP3 ID3 Tag Library

Java library that supports ID3 v1 & v1.1, Lyrics3 v1 & v2, ID3 v2.2 & v2.3 & v2.4 tags, and MP3 Frame Headers. Contains tag synchronization, multiple save options, and tag conversion. Intelligently creates a FilenameTag derived from the fiilename.

Freeware  188k 677

Java IRC Library

This java library implements the IRC protocol. This library can be used in other programs as a means to get onto a IRC server and communicate without the need to understand the IRC protocol. Project source code will be added shortly..

Freeware  23k 433
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